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Buddha Teas Mullein Leaf Tea has a lovely and naturally sweet, herbal flavor. It’s a tea for everyone seeking easier and deeper breathing. A true partner and assist for your body and one of its most vital functions.

What is Mullein used for?

Mullein is known to help with easier breathing. Often used in conjunction with meditation to find your deepest breath possible. It’s also used for a more restful night’s sleep and for a good dose of potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin C. It’s an all-in-one true healing elixir.

Can you drink Mullein every day?

Of course. It’s great for rest and relaxation as it helps us find our breath. Mullein also has a pleasant flavor which can easily be paired with pastries or biscuits for a leisurely experience. It’s also suer easy to pair Mullein with your favorite Buddha Teas tea for an even more elevated health experience.

Is Mullein ok for kids?

Mullein is great for kids. It’s quite soothing for them, especially when they’re fighting those little cold and flu bugs. It’s also a great relive an irritated throat. Our organic Mullein is just the trick for getting them back up and running.

Is Mullein good for the lungs?

Buddha Teas does not give medical advice but feel free to do the research because the answers are out there. As always, if you have more specific questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your naturopathic doctor or your health care provider.

Mullein Leaf Tea

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